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Royal Oak

June 18, 2019
Royal Oak
Royal Oak

Before we went away Sam, I and our parents all went out for a little meal together at The Royal Oak. A Gastro Pub-esque restaurant located not far from Preston. This place was Sam's suggestion after he realised he used to work with the guys that now own it and are the chefs. For those of you that don't know Sam is my boyfriend and a brilliant cook. His first job(s) were in kitchens and now I get the benefit of that! hehe.

The food there was incredible. I loved both courses I chose. For a starter, I went with the Bury Black Pudding (of course) with poached egg, pancetta crumb, baby onions cooked in ale and HP sauce. Safe to say the onions remained on the plate. I have such a strange taste in food. I'll eat Sushi, mussels and squid but not peas, beans or onions...

My main was one of the specials and so isn't on the online menu but if I can recall it was salmon and pan-fried gnocchi with a kind of red pepper sauce. The fish was cooked to perfection and just fell apart. I liked the gnocchi but have now decided that I prefer it cooked in the sauce rather than just friend. regardless, it was so moreish!

My mum and Sam's mum still haven't stopped talking about the cheese pie they had either...

Have you been to The Royal Oak?

What did you think?

Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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