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Rituals – A First Look

September 7, 2018

Yet more holiday purchases. I was feeling spendy okay?

I've heard of Rituals before and have seen them stocked in Boots (I think) but have never before picked anything up. Then when we had stopped in Palma there was a stunning Rituals store. I mean it was gorgeous. With a sink that you could test out products in! I know Lush does that but this was one for had towels for you too. Super cute. Anyway, both myself and my parents ended up walking out very perfumed and bag in hand.

I walked out with some amazing purchases and all at a very reasonable price! This range gives me real Jo Malone vibes with the natural scents but for a fraction of the price.

Firstly, I picked up the Ritual of the Happy Buddha shower foam. It smells incredible, its notes are Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood. I want everything from this range. I had a bit of an incident when I first tried to smell this and covered both myself and my dad in a jet of to say we smelled wonderful for the day!

Then I went for the Fortune Shower Oil which is in the same scent as the Shower foam. I adore how this makes my skin feel. It goes from an oil to a milk/foam when water is introduced. It leaves my skin feeling so silky soft.

Finally, I picked up a hand scrub in the Tao/Silence range. This is a lot fresher than the previous two products, it's note are Organic White Lotus and Yi Yi Ren. I have no idea what the latter one is but it sure smells lovely. It has the perfect amount of scrubby (?) particles too. It doesn't make me feel like I sandpapered my hands which is always good.


Have you tried anything from Rituals?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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