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Richard III by Shakespeare

November 24, 2019
Richard III by Shakespeare

Well, another play. This was actually the first play I had read but somehow managed to miss posting a review. In all honesty, this is very much just a reiteration of what I've said previously. Whilst I liked the story the format makes it difficult. Besides with this play, each character had multiple names which made keeping track of the plot lines very difficult. It depended on who was in a scene as to what name was used. For example, with royalty, their titles were in the stage directions, with other characters their first names instead.

I'm also not a fan of the history plays it seems.

I can't wait to be reading regular books again.


Name:  Richard III

Author: Shakespeare

Publisher: Wordsworth Classics

Pages: 184

ISBN: 978-1-84022-590-7

Rating: 2/5

Have you read Richard III?

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