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Prolonging the Summer Glow

September 15, 2017

I'm not a lounge in the sun and bake person. I hate the feeling of suncream and being overly warm. I always say that I'd prefer to be extremely cold than extremely warm. You can add layers but there gets to a point where taking them off is frowned upon in public. For that reason I'm a big fan of faking the summer glow. Gradual tan and bronzer have been my friends for many years. Recently, I've fallen in love with the ELF Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer.

I haven't played much with the blush shade but I adore the bronzer. With a duo fibre brush I like sweeping this across my hairline, cheek bones and jaw to fake that summer glow. It blends like a dream and lasts a full 7.5 hour day at work. My mum actually commented on how lovely it looked...nearly a full ten hours after I first applied it. If you want to look like you just came home from a week in Santorini you need this in your life. So far there are three shades of the Aqua Blush & Bronzer. The one I have is Bronzed Peach which I think is the middle of the two. I'm praying that more, and darker shades eventually are realised in this formula. It's beautiful. You need it. 

Have you tried the ELF Aqua Blush & Bronzer? 

What did you think?

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Katie x 

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