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Pot Kettle Black

October 25, 2018

I've honestly lost count of how many times I've been to Pot Kettle Black. It's by far one of my favourite spots in Manchester for breakfast, lunch or just a coffee. It's the place I recommend to anyone visiting and is the place, if I'm given the choice, I take people to. I have to thank my parents for introducing me to this one! Without them I'd have no idea it ever existed. It's tucked away in Barton Arcade just off St. Anne's Square in Manchester, though there are a few more popping up here and there. The interior is finished, or should I should unfinished beautifully, it has a lovely rustic feel to it right down to the fact that the cutlery comes in old soup cans.

It's the simple things that bring me pleasure, take for example that here every coffee comes with a glass of water and biscuit served on a silver tray. It's simple, elegant and I never say no to a good biscuit. I've tried my fair share of coffees from different places in Manchester but so far Pot Kettle Black's is definitely my favourite. This time I went for a flat white, which I'd never tried before and it was lovely. Very strong too! Again, simple things but these cups just make me smile. They're so cute.

As I said I tend to bring people here a lot, this time was my friend Abbie's turn who at first wasn't entirely sold on the idea of going. But after some gentle persuading she gave it a go. My god did she enjoy it. Abbie went for the Flat Iron Chicken Breast which comes with sweet potato bubble and squeak, and tomato chutney. For those that have a dietary requirement its also gluten free! I wish I'd got a photo of her face after the first bite, it was an absolute picture. Safe to say the plate was clean and she was very very happy.

I'm a creature of habit, when I find something I like I stick to it. As you can see from the photos above which are from two different trips. Eggs Royale with a side of smashed avocado is my usual. Occasionally, if I'm feeling like mixing it up I'll get some halloumi too. This is by far my favourite meal now, I've taken myself off into Manchester before simply because I wanted Pot Kettle Black Eggs Royale. There's something comforting about it, that and I adore hollandaise sauce and well all the components of this meal.

If I'm remembering rightly I think this was a Mocha and a millionaires short bread. Both very very lovely. All of the baked goods Pot Kettle Black do are phenomenal. So rich and with plenty of options for people that are gluten free or vegan!

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