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Posh by Laura Wade

February 19, 2018

I have absolutely no clue how to explain this play. 

It takes place in one room of a pub/restaurant where the infamous Riot Club are dining. The moment I started reading this the Riot Club reminded me of the Life and Death Bridgade from Gilmore Girls. But a more arrogant and lewd version. The members constantly whine about how their importance isn't acknowledged and repeatedly harass members of the staff, including forcing one of the waitresses to kiss them. I'm sure it's a fantastic play to analyse, simply because of the numerous cringe inducing moments. 

However, it really wasn't one I enjoyed. 



Name: Posh

Author(s): Laura Wade

Publisher: Oberon Books 

Pages: 149

ISBN: 978-1-84002-984-0

Rating: 2/5

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