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Paper Girls Volume Two

September 25, 2017

This graphic novel follows straight on from where the first volume left off. If you haven't read the first volume I recommend you skip this review and instead head to the Paper Girls Volume One review... and read the graphic novel of course. 

As I mentioned earlier Volume Two picks up straight after the first one. The girls have ended up in 2016 and have just run into an older version of Erin. I loved this plot point, it was interesting to see the girls reactions to both 2016 and their future selves. It's rare to see any adult involvement (usually in YA) in children-centric novels. Usually, the adults are absent and oblivious to everything happening around them. I was happy to see that the writers decided against that and actually had adults helping the children along on their journey. 

This particular volume really seemed to focus on Erin, more so than the other girls. We also met a version of her that was a time traveller...but still a child. In the first volume she was shot accidentally and only saved by these bizarre bugs Heck and Naldo put on her. Apparently, these bugs ended up with some of her DNA. From that they created another Erin. I wasn't completely sold on that idea but I liked the actual character. She was interesting and added more drama to the story. 

The thing that amused me the most is the AppleX technology. I think it's such a clever idea to integrate 'our' technology into a graphic novel that's origin is in the 80's. Their reactions to different things are so authentic and endearing. Whilst at the same time their fears are also very accurate. 

Recently I've started watching Black Mirror, a tv show that takes a harsh view on technology. I feel like Paper Girls has a similar stance on certain technology, how it can be taken to an extreme and cause more harm than good. 


Name: Paper Girls Volume Two

Author(s): Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang

Publisher: Image

Pages: 128

ISBN: 9781632158956

Rating: 4/5

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