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Old Bakery Gin – Naval Strength

May 18, 2020
Old Bakery Gin - Naval Strength
Old Bakery Gin - Naval Strength

Surprise surprise another gin talk. I think in future I'm going to make these a weekly thing, a Friday perhaps? 

What feels like forever ago (October in reality) Sam and I went to London and ended up Christmas shopping for each other whilst there. One of the things he picked up for me was, of course, a bottle of gin. From Harrods no less! I fell for the packaging of The Old Bakery gins. How could I not? A wax sealed gin, how snazzy! 

But I loved the idea of it too. The brand was created after the owner, Ian Puddick, found out that the premise his current business was operating out of used to be a bakery that sold illegal gin on the side. See where the Old Bakery part comes from? Even the branding has nods to the original shop frontage of the bakery and today's gin uses the original recipe. 

Old Bakery Gin - Naval Strength
Old Bakery Gin - Naval Strength


After extensive googling, I've found out that there are four botanicals in this gin but only one is known to the public, from what I've seen anyway. That one is Juniper, which makes sense considering how fresh and almost pine-like this gin tastes. 

Whilst I personally don't particularly enjoy lime I can imagine how nicely this would pair with the Old Bakery gin, pulling out those citrusy notes. For me, it's boring but so enjoyable having this with simply tonic and a bit of ice. I would be intrigued to see what grapefruit or even strawberries are like with it though. 

Have you tried Old Bakery Gin?

What did you think?

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