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Oat and Cornflower

April 12, 2018

Unless I'm wearing perfume I don't feel as though I'm dressed. That and my rings are what make me feel like I'm put together. My favourite fragrances being mainly from Jo Malone...not great for the bank balance but my god I smell good (I'm tempted to do a post on my collection). I hadn't heard about the English Fields collection until I was watching one of Lyida Elise Millen's blogs (incredible youtuber - link here) where she received them in PR.

First of all the packaging. Each bottle has a lovely pastel ceramic top with a sandstone (?I don't know rocks...I'm sorry). The Oat and Cornflower scent I chose has, as you may have guessed, a cornflower blue lid. I think I might be using this as a prop in future photos.... Beyond that it's a subtle yet unique scent.

I was torn between this and the Honey and Crocus perfume. Honestly, I might have to go back an pick up the other one too. I went for the Oat and Cornflower in the end because of it's delicacy. It has a very earth tone, which I preferred to the almost marzipan smell of the Honey and Crocus and a warmth I loved.

This collection is absolutely beautiful. I only hope they bring it back with larger sized bottles, I'm going to be rationing this one!

Have you tried any Jo Malone fragrances?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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