Book and Nook Unboxings

November Book and Nook

December 30, 2018

This is so bittersweet for me, I've adored the Book and Nook monthly candle collections for over a year and they're no longer being produced. However, they certainly went out with a bang. This box is absolutely stunning and I adore the personal touch. I think the theme of Hogwarts, Always is such a fitting end to this run. The shop is staying open, they're simply changing some of the merchandise they offer. Which no doubt I'll be perusing...

We didn't just get one item this month, we got plenty!

As always there was a card with an explanation of the candles and their scents and of course the monthly bookmark. I've got quite the collection of these now!

I almost teared up a little when I opened my very own Hogwarts acceptance letter...complete with list of equipment needed and wax sealed. So very cool.

We also received a roll on perfume in the scent Gryffindor...which smells remarkably like Pomegranates. Each box was tailored to your house too which was a lovely touch. Then we also had a lip balm in the flavour Always which actually smells like mint. No doubt Sam will end up claiming this... Finally for items we also got this beautifully illustrated notepad which is fantastic quality too. As though I didn't have enough notepads....

For the final time starting out with my favourite candle, Marauder's Map which smells like heaven. It's notes are Pear, Amber and Hazelnut. I need ten of these. I'm going to be hoarding this like crazy. I find I hardly ever burn the candles I love because I want them to last forever. The label on this one makes my heart happy too.

Next up we have Golden Snitch which smells of Woodland, Neroli and Sweet Peach. It's a heady but sweet one. I think this will be really nice to burn in Autumn. I appreciate they went for gold glitter with this one too, I mean how could you not?!

Then there's Always. Possibly the most well known phrase in the Harry Potter franchise. This candle is a very clean one, its notes are Heather, Honeysuckle and Rose. You'd think it's be super floral but no. Very nice.


Hedwig, everyones favourite fluffy little owl, who without any lines was possibly one of the sassiest characters in the series. This candle smells of Snow, Orange Blossom and Wind. It's quite a nice one for around this time of year. It reminds me a little of mulled wine...not that I like the taste but it always makes me think of wandering around the Christmas Markets.

Finally, we have the Deathly Hallows which smells of Citrus, Basil, Fig and Snowberry. Like a crisp winter morning.

That's it for the November Book and Nook box and the monthly boxes in general.

Have you tried any bookish boxes or candles?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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