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Norroway Volume One

June 28, 2019
Norroway Volume One

Norroway was weird in all the right ways as the vast majority of fantasy graphic novels are. It starts out with the main character being told in her youth by a witch that she will be the bride of the black bull of Norroway whereas her sisters will marry princes and dukes. Not exactly the start any girl dreams of. It gets stranger from there but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sibylla and the Bull travel throughout different lands collecting certain items for a quest that will hopefully restore the bull to his former state as a man. From there the plot gets kind of muddy which is why this graphic novel didn't get 5 stars. There's no real explanation of how this curse, that affected the bull and his siblings began. Different characters hint at it but their version of the story differs from person to person. I'm hoping that this is something that is revealed as the series goes on.

The other characters that we did meet were so unique and each brought something very different to the story. There was also an awful lot of representation which I loved, as always.

Oh and this has perhaps one of my favourite art styles, ever.


Name: Norroway Book One: The Black Bull of Norroway

Author: Kit & Cat Seaton

Publisher: Image

Pages: 224

ISBN:  978-1-5343-0855-8

Rating: 4/5

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