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May Book and Nook

June 18, 2018

A Court of Frost and Frost and Starlight! Yaaaaaaaaaay. I adore the Book and Nook boxes but I was even more excited when I heard that their anniversary box was going to be ACOFAS themed and larger than their regular boxes! I had no clue what candles they were going to create but I'm pretty happy with the ones we received...and the extra items are so cute.


This month we received multiple extra items and all of which are beautiful. Firstly, this months bookmark. It's so pretty! The font used if gorgeous and I love the quote they chose. It's made out of that really nice buttery card that you just want to sit and stroke. Then the cuff, as beautiful as it is it isn't something I'd wear. It just isn't my style. However, it will make a great prop in photos.

I will never say no to a good mug. I drink tea and coffee by the gallon, as do my family and the better half. Though their not going anywhere near this one! It's too pretty, in fact I don't think I'd ever be able to use it for its intended purpose. At the moment its sat on top of my ACOTAR books as a pretty decoration. I'm just hoping it stays there!.

Bookish prints make me happy. Eventually, I intend to create myself an office with a wall full of bookish prints and art. This is definitely going on the wall. The ACOTAR series has some wonderfully quotable lines. I really like how this extra bookmark had a similar style to the print too. It made the box feel really cohesive.

Oh my god I think this might be one of my favourite candles ever. I can't think of what this scent reminds me of, it's warm but fruity with a real sweetness. It's named Court of Dreams and has notes of Grapefruit, Pomelo and Vanilla.

Next we have Solstice Night and Rainbow of Velaris. These two have my favourite labels from the collection. Solstice Night smells of Raspberry, Myrrh and Clove. It's a very strong, almost potpourri smell. Then Rainbow of Velaris has notes of Blackberry, Sweet Pea and Night. Again, how does night smell? This makes me so confused. However, it smells lovely. Very fresh and clean.

Finally we have Wolf's Den, Void & Hope and Illyrian Traditions.

Wolf's Den is a firm favourite. Anything with Patchouli is a winner for me. This one also has Fig and Musk and is so spicy and wonderful. I keep sniffing it as I walk past.

Void & Hope has a very floral scent with a nice warmth. It's notes are Winter Jasmine, Neroli and Ginger.

Then Illyrian Traditions smells like a hot man. It's very clean and fresh, I love it. It's scent is Snow, Cyclamen and Trees. I need more of these...


That's it for the May Book and Nook box.

Have you tried any bookish boxes or candles?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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    June 24, 2018 at 8:14 pm

    god i love the look of these!!
    i hope they all smelt fab too

    • Reply
      Katie - A Novel Idea
      June 24, 2018 at 9:24 pm

      Book and Nook is by far my favourite candle company! They all smell so goooood.

      Katie x

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