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Matte Me Up Indeed

September 13, 2017

These are Barry M's answer to the Kylie Jenner liquid lip kits and are a fraction of the price. I've never tried any Kylie Cosmetics products I can't compare the formulas but there is a helluva difference in price. The single Liquid Lip Paints from Barry M are £4.99 and the kits are £6.99. They aren't drying upon first application but after touch ups they tend to crack a little. All three shades I own are very opaque though the purple shade, Embellish needs a little finessing. They do last a while but if you eat anything with oil/grease they do fade a little. The only lip product that I've used that doesn't do this is the Rimmel Provocalips (review coming soon.)

The lip liner is very reminiscent of the MAC lip liners. Pretty stiff and unyielding to begin with but once you've softened the product it gives great colour and opacity. 

If you've always wanted to try the Kylie Cosmetics liquid lips I think these are a fantastic alternative. They don't come with the massive price tag, shipping or customs tax! I have three shades, from left to right they are Paparazzi, Embellish and then a kit in the shade Blow Out. They smell pretty artificial and can be slightly drying but for just under £10 you can't do much better really. I will definitely be picking up more shades...more of the reds probably. 

Have you tried the Barry M Matte Me Up Liquid Lip Paints?

What did you think?

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Katie x 

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