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Lumberjanes Volume Six

December 7, 2020
Lumberjanes Volume Six

Another favourite series here.

I've been awful at keeping up with this series but I've always loved each volume when I have got around to reading them! This one was no exception.

In this, we meet Seafarin' Karen who has the Lumberjanes tying knots and improving their teamwork. Then, the selkies appear. They seem to have had a tumultuous past with Seafarin' Karen, one of them believes Karen stole her magical pelt that helps them transform. In turn, they've stolen Karen's boat. It's a whole thing.

As the group were dealing with shapeshifter's in this volume Molly and Ripley go in search of the Bear Woman thinking they could help. I loved this entire sequence. In trying to get the bear woman to help Molly and Ripley had to travel between these different portals. Sending something through each in order to close them. Which meant my personal favourite thing, DINOSAURS.

I adore this series so much. It's so lighthearted and whimsical.


Name: Lumberjanes Volume Six: Sink or Swim

Author(s): Shannon Watters & Kat Leyh

Publisher: Boom! Box

Pages: 112

ISBN: 978-1-60886-954-1

Rating: 5/5

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