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Lumberjanes Volume Five

August 5, 2020
Lumberjanes Volume Five

Each volume of this series is full of fun and whimsy. It's especially when the volume includes mermaids. What could be more magical and whimsical than mermaids I hear you ask...mermaids that have a battle of the bands underwater! I loved the plot of this volume. Whilst there are different topics and problems brought up in each volume, but friendship is constant throughout. Its importance is emphasised, how to maintain one and also what to do when you screw up with your friends.

In this volume, April loses sight of her other friends' wishes and the promises she had made to them as her focus remains solely on the mermaids and how to help them. We also get a flashback to the first day of camp when the Lumberjanes first met which I adored. Ripley was so cute, straight away you could see how they became such a tight-knit group early on. I hope we get to see more flashbacks in the next volumes!

In previous volumes, there had usually been more than one story to the overall collection whereas this one was a continuous arc about mermaids. I enjoyed it but it was very different from the usual Lumberjanes style. I'm interested to see what else changes in the next few instalments.


Name: Lumberjanes Volume Five

Author: Noelle Stevens & Shannon Watters

Publisher: Boom! Box

Pages: 112

ISBN: 978-1-60886-919-0

Rating: 5/5

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