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July 26, 2018

This is so far out of my comfort zone that I can't even see where that is any more. I'm a liquid lip girl. I want the brightest red, darkest purple and mental colours that take an age to scrub off. With that in mind I still don't know what possessed me to add the Jouer Lip Topper in Skinny Dip to my cart. However, I'm surprisingly pleased I did.

Firstly, because I am that person, I had to smell this. I smell everything and I'm not entirely sure why. But, this lipgloss smells like cake-y vanilla wonderfulness. In fact it smells like you think it would, like glittery happiness. Speaking of glitter, as a lip topper I assumed when I tried it I'd feel like I'd put sand paper on my lips and exfoliated them to within an inch of their lives. But no! It's so comfortable to wear, slightly gritty but no where near I thought it'd be. Best of all? IT ISN'T STICKY. As long as I run this blog I will profess my hatred for anything slightly sticky. It's very smooth and I forget I'm wearing it quite often. The whole lipgloss versus wind situation still exists though.

My next concern was the fact that I was putting something metallic on my lips. I've tried metallic lips before and I end up looking like a female C3PO. Not cute. Again I'm surprised as how wearable and genuinely pretty this is both over a lipstick and on its own. I can imagine this looking unbelievable on holiday with a tan (Ha, I never tan) and a crap tonne of bronzer. So, not me...Still cute though.

Have you tried any of the Jouer Lip Toppers?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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