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Korean Sheet Masks

June 20, 2019
Korean Sheet Masks
Korean Sheet Masks

There's something super relaxing about face masks, and sheet masks specifically. You don't get the mask under your fingernails and you don't have to spend what feels like hours scrubbing at your face to take the mask off. I have one specific mask that no matter how much I was my face more of it seems to appear. With a sheet mask you wack that fibrous thing on, wait and peel it off. Yes, the eye holes aren't always in the right place and you end up looking a little like Jason Voorhees. But they're certainly easier to use.

I picked up these on a whim whilst getting some other toiletries for mine and Sam's little holiday. I'm always interested to try any Asian skin care. Their products are always so cute but still seem to do wonders! These masks are part of a set but by this point in my organising chaos, I'd done away with the boxes. There's a gel lip mask in this which aims to hydrate. I've used one of these before and really loved it. An exfoliating bubble sheet mask which I've never tried. A soothing cucumber mask and a moisturising avocado sheet mask. All of which are just adorable.

Korean Sheet Masks

These two I picked up for me and Sam. I think we'll probably end up using them this weekend. The dragon one is a soothing mask and actually has a dragon printed onto the fabric. The panda mask helps with hyperpigmentation and also have the panda printed on the fabric. I don't know how well these will work but they're certainly a bit of fun. Will be reporting back!

Have you tried sheet masks?

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