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King Lear by Shakespeare

October 31, 2019
King Lear by Shakespeare

The first of many uni book reviews to come! This term, for the most part, they're all plays which are different. You think it'd make it easier but it really doesn't when you're reading Shakespeare and similar things.

As much as I usually like Shakespeare King Lear wasn't my favourite. I enjoyed it but I found it a bit convoluted. There's a lot of disguises which makes fathoming out motivations very difficult. It was hard to tell whether a character knew who they were interacting with or not.

The actual story I quite enjoyed. It was all about dealing with the hand you'd been dealt and then not getting overly greedy when you gain a semblance of power. Once you understood who knew what in a scene it was a really enjoyable read.

It's a tragedy too so it's not exactly a happily ever after situation.


Name:  King Lear

Author: Shakespeare

Publisher: Oxford School Shakespeare

Pages: 162

ISBN: 978-0-19-839222-4

Rating: 3/5

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