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June Fairyloot

July 30, 2018

Apologies for the rather late unboxing, vacation and life in general derailed all the blogging plans I had. However, I hope this was worth the wait. The box certainly was. I think this *might* be my favourite one to date. June's theme was Rebels in Ballgowns and my god it was perfect. Thinking about it don't the vast majority of YA Fantasy novels contain some kind of celebration or ball? I'm not complaining as much as I adore my jeans and Vans I love getting dolled up. The best of both worlds...yes that's a Hannah Montana reference.

In a world where women have no rights - immediately this book had me hooked. I have yet to read The Hand Maid's Tale but it's on my list along with about six other YA novels with similar themes. I imagine that there's going to be some form of magic in this novel. Perhaps a woman with powers thats considered a threat to the governing bodies. Either way I'm very excited to give this a read.

**Taken from the back of the book**

In a world where women have no rights, sisters Serina and Nomi face very different fates: one in the palace, the other on an island prison where women must fight to survive.

Serina has sent her whole life preparing to become a Grace - selected to stand by the heir to the throne as a shining example of the of the perfect woman.

But her headstrong and rebellious younger sister has a dangerous secret, and one wrong move could cost both sisters everything.

Can Serina Fight? And will Nomi win?


Firstly, we have a candle! These are definitely one of my favourite items to receive in subscription boxes. This candle was created by Geeky Clean and named Corvere in honour of the main character in Jay Kristoff's Nevernight series. It smells of Strawberries and Pepper, the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. Which I imagine an assassin would need to be in order to complete her missions.

Cushion covers are another of my favourite items to receive, especially when they're as gorgeous as this one. AND IT'S CARAVAL THEMED. As in Caraval one of my favourite books of all time by one of my favourite authors Stephanie Garber. Designed by the oh so talented Miss Phi is who also one of my favourites for bookish merch. I have yet to order from her myself but I always love receiving things by her in boxes.

I think this is such a clever idea but I wish it had been a year long one. Perhaps included in a December box in preparation for the following year. Nevertheless, this is such a good idea for a bookish box. It's really well designed too and includes some gorgeous quotes. The book itself was designed by Fiction Tea and the stunning quotes are by Stella's Bookish Art.

More bookmarks! There's no such thing as too many bookmarks and I love these ones. Admittedly, I don't tend to use magnetic ones but they'd make great props in photos. I have yet to read the Shatter Me series but I do own the first book and am looking forward to reading it. These bookmarks are by Taratjah, the lovely artist that designs the spoiler card and bookmark every month.

I adore this necklace, its absolutely stunning and the perfect length for layering with others. I struggle to find long necklaces so I'm super happy with this! Fairyloot designed this one and I think its one of my favourite items to date.

How cute is this though? I don't know if I'll ever put it on a jacket or something but I'll probably stick it up on the wall. Ink and Wonder is one of my favourite designers, I adore the woodmarks they do. I just wish they weren't located so far away! Dang shipping....

I'm so happy that the author letters now feature character art. My bookshelves are covered in them now and I couldn't be happier. Once again this months spoiler card and bookmark have been designed by Taratjah.

And as for publisher swag this month we received a post card that matches this months book and a sampler of Sea Witch by Sarah Henning.

So that was my June Fairyloot Unboxing!

Have you tried any bookish subscription boxes before?

What did you think? And what was your favourite item from this box?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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