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If I Should Die by Amy Plum

January 24, 2019

So I read this book for the challenge to read a book that got you into reading. I couldn't devote any time to rereading a book considering my huge TBR. So, I picked a book series that got me into reading and finished the trilogy. Only to realise 100 pages in...that I'd already read the book. WHOOPS. However, I still adored it.

This series is typical 2013 YA and I love it. I miss that era of YA in some respects. It's like coming home.

The Revenant Chronicles is set in Paris, my favourite city. History, my favourite subject, plays a big part in the story. It just has all of my favourite things.

Being a conclusion to a series to discuss this would be spoilerific. So, in a nutshell. The main character Kate has just begun to grieve over the death of her parents. Both she and her sister have moved to Paris to live with their grandparents. On one of her first trips out of the house, she is saved from a tumbling boulder by a group of (of course) very attractive teenagers. They then part ways...until she runs into one of them again. Vincent. From there their fates intertwine in ways you couldn't imagine. Oh yeah, and Vincent is dead. Well, kind of. He dies and comes back to life in the name of protecting others. He is a revenant and so are his friends.

This series is like a mug of hot chocolate. It's comforting. The characters are so well defined and the kinds of people you feel like you know when you read the books. They each have their own little quirks and mannerisms that are so consistent. I've found myself picking them up! Which is what happens when you're in a group of friends. I've started picking up some of the French pet names! But the actual plot I still think is brilliant now. It's full of such rich lore and so many twists and turns.

Now looking years later, this might be one of my favourite series.


Name: If I Should Die

Author: Amy Plum

Publisher: Atom

Pages: 405

ISBN:  978-1-907411-04-5

Rating: 5/5

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