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I Hate Fairyland Volume Three

December 7, 2020
I Hate Fairyland Volume Three

I've adored all the volumes in this series so far but this one was a fraction less enjoyable. The reason I still gave it five stars was for the origin story of Larry. I loved his back story and how he was the only fly in the Guild of Guides. I would've liked to have seen some other characters get their own little issues like this. The history of Queen Cloudia would have been very interesting!

When you read a series that has the same goal from the beginning it's bound to be repetitive. Gert is still trying to get home but we knew she'd be trying to do that from the off. That's why I believe there are only four volumes to this series, it would have been hard to drag this series out when there are only so many different ways things can go wrong for her as she tries to complete the quest.

I thought her trying to be good was incredibly fun to watch and really enjoyed her interacting with her superfan. That and how everyone was trying to get her to marry them.

We can't not talk about Loveth Lovelord and as Gert put it so well his... 'situation'. I, well. wow.

Loving this series.


Name: I Hate Fairyland Volume Three

Author(s): Skottie Young

Publisher: Image Comics

Pages: 128

ISBN: 978-1534303300

Rating: 5/5

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