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I Hate Fairyland Volume Four

December 7, 2020
I Hate Fairyland Volume Four

Gert finally gets back home!

I was so satisfied with how this series ended. It wasn't forced, didn't drag and tied up some very knotty loose ends.

The opening picks up immediately from the previous volume where it seems Gert has died and who should be ruling hell but her nemesis. The little blue-haired girl from a few volumes ago. We see a lot of characters from previous volumes in this, and my personal favourite Duncan Dragon the delivery guy. He's wonderful.

So Gert is dead. Larry and Duncan come up with a plan to get her back to Fairyland in time for her to save it from a big scary demon looking fella. Very conveniently, but then again this is supposed to be fairytale-esque, they get her back.

Gert finally completes her quests, is a hero and then goes home? Right?

Well. the ending (so spoilers ahead) has been read as an 'it was all just a dream' type. Gert wakes up at her desk seeming to have dreamed about Fairyland and then searches how to get there. I wondered if that was instead a 'how Gert's life is now shes home'. I'm 70/30 towards the dream idea which cheapens the series a little for me but I still loved it.


Name: I Hate Fairyland Volume Three

Author(s): Skottie Young

Publisher: Image Comics

Pages: 120

ISBN: 978-1534306806

Rating: 5/5

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