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How to Be a Grown Up* by Daisy Buchanan

September 17, 2018

Everyone needs to read this book. It is quite simply fabulous. Daisy reminisces on her trials and tribulations from her early twenties and what she's now realised as she's entered her thirties. Now, though I'm twenty-one...nearly twenty-two, I still found myself nodding along to paragraphs in this. It got to a point regarding iPhones where I was howling with laughter, couldn't catch my breath and proceeded to send a photo of the phrase to everyone I know.

I also found it very reassuring to see that I wasn't the only person concerned that at twenty-one I hadn't got my life together. In the sense of that when I was fourteen I thought I'd have a stable relationship (well, I've made a start on this so...), have my own home and would have a degree and be a working woman. Now, I've sorta half done most of that. I've recently met a lovely guy. HE COOKS. I'm saved. For those unaware I am the person that put foil in the toaster and couldn't figure out why the oven wasn't warming up...I had turned on the wrong part of the oven. I had, what was meant to be a pizza in there for over twenty minutes... I still live at home but as we all know that in this day and age I'm doomed to never own my home due to my adoration of the avocado. 'Tis the disease of the millennials. It is in fact nothing to do with the rising house prices, difficulty finding a well payed and/or salaried job and the near Mensa level puzzle solving it takes to figure out the mythical being that is the mortgage. I am about to enter the second year of my degree after taking a few years out following a hellish college experience. I've been a bookseller for just under six years now... So, I have half done most. Which considering where I was two years ago I didn't think I'd be sat here looking at my University time table and thinking well when can I get the train down to see my lovely boyfriend.  I like to think fourteen year old Katie would be okay with the current situation.

What I loved most about this book is how Daisy got her friends and family involved. In each section she had someone else share their experiences of dating, jobs, health everything. It felt like a wonderful support group with the overriding message of trust us, your doing fine. If you're getting a full eight hours, have food on the table and are looking after yourself you're winning at life. Which is something I think everyone needs to hear. Do I want to own my own home? Of course but I don't need to put a time limit on it. In the same breath just because you've labeled a job as your dream career doesn't mean that when you enter it you must stick to it. Health both physical and mental should be placed above all else. I can see this being a book that I go back to again and again.

I already intend to make everyone in my life read this.


Name: How to be Grown Up*

Author(s): Daisy Buchanan

Publisher: Headline Press

Pages: 263


Rating: 5/5

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