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August 14, 2019
Reed Diffuser Tea Strainer
Reed Diffuser Tea Strainer
Reed Diffuser Tea Strainer

I'm well aware this is such a bizarre post but I wanted to talk about these two little things I picked up whilst on holiday.

Reed diffusers are one of my favourite things to have around the house. They constantly scent a room and unlike a candle don't pose a risk if you leave them unattended. They also make a beautiful decorative touch. I picked up this one from a little stall in Ville Franche and it's simply stunning. It smells like the inside of a Turkish Delight Bar. It's handpainted and was super reasonably priced.

They're available online here.

Then I bought a tea strainer in Cadiz. I recently got sent a raft of teas by a company to review and wanted something to strain them with. I couldn't resist this adorable little heart tea strainer. It was from Flying Tiger which we do have in the UK too. Some of the tea still gets out but it does really help!

Those are my random little purchases!

Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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