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Hero at the Fall by Alwyn Hamilton

May 13, 2018

The third and final instalment of the Rebel of the Sands trilogy and my god I was not ready. It was glorious and brutal. With every book, somehow Alwyn's writing improves, becomes more beautiful and her plot twists even more incredible. I can't wait to see what she has in store next. I particularly loved the journey she took every character on but specifically Amani. From book one to three there has been so much development with her character. She's grown up, made hard decisions and made mistakes, but was always the first to admit when she was wrong. She didn't take anyone's crap and I loved that. I'm sad we won't be getting anymore books set in this world.

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Now onto the spoiler-y section.



This is going to absolute chaos. I can't put my thoughts into a coherent order.

Firstly, so much death. Death everywhere!

Hala, Sam, Noorsham!

Of all of them it was definitely Hala's death that got to me the most. The fact that she'd made Amani promise to kill her should the Sultan get his hands on her. It was such a powerful scene and provided a great amount of tension for the book. It was something characters constantly asked about. Sam's was second, it was more so Shazad's reaction to it. I got a little teary, particularly because they finally kissed. FINALLY. And then he died. WHYYY. Noorsham, though I wasn't really invested in him as a character felt that his death was very moving. If there's one thing Alwyn does well, it's killing off her own characters.

There were so many moments that had me gasping. When Amani and Jin almost died, Izz and Maz flying above the battle, Shazad in the hole. So many twists and turns. I couldn't keep up.

But that ending. That is how an epilogue is done. It's very rare that once a book finishes we get to know what happened to the characters, in this we got to look at nearly another thirty years into the future. It was phenomenal. I adored this series.


Name: Hero at the Fall

Author(s): Alwyn Hamilton

Publisher: Faber & faber

Pages: 506

ISBN: 978-0-571-32543-6

Rating: 5/5

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    November 12, 2018 at 2:29 am


    OML I am not alone!

    Hala’s death hurt too much for me to describe. Under that mask she showed at the beginning, was a woman who had suffered and deserved a better ending. Then she goes off and makes Amani promise her to kill her, and Hala is gone. I still can’t get over that! It was a very deep blow, as Hala’s character development was one long one, and then she finds a way to kill her off. Alwyn is great at keeping everyone on their toes, I’ll admit that.

    Sam’s was my second as well. I had been hoping for Shazad to FINALLY have a happy ending, and when the time came, I was breaking down crying! Sam’s character changed from the thief to the loyal hero. He deserved so much more. It just hurts that Alwyn found the exact moment to strike deeper. What better way to do it but with Sam!?

    Her work is very inspiring, I’ll admit that as well. Her style of writing catches the readers’ attention to the point where the characters are more than just words on a page. Alwyn is able to bring them to life, make them relatable as well as make the suspense merciless. I entirely agree with your statement: Alwyn knows how to kill off her characters.

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