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Gossip From The Forest by Sara Maitland

January 16, 2020
Gossip From the Forest by Sara Maitland

This is perhaps one of the most 'out of my comfort zone' books I've ever read. It was brilliant.

I say out of my comfort zone because nature writing has never been something I choose to read. It's just not my thing. However, this one was. Gossip From the Forest I have been describing as quasi-non-fiction. It's split into chapters focusing on different woods around the UK and then a fairy tale retold taking inspiration from that previous forest. Hence, quasi-non-fiction.

I learned an awful lot about woods and the process of sustainable forestry. What I was really interested in was how Sara Maitland linked the forests of today with the fairy tales of years gone by. It was as though she walked into a time capsule and was able to perfectly explain how those woods still contain the magic of fairy tales. Then the stories she retold were so unique whilst still adhering to the nostalgia fairy tales hold.

A truly brilliant collection of stories and nature writing.


Name: Gossip From the Forest

Author: Sara Maitland

Publisher: Granta

Pages: 354

ISBN: 978-1-84708-430-9

Rating: 4/5

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