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November 16, 2019
Ghoster* by Jason Arnopp

Well, this book certainly surprised me. Not only in how much I enjoyed it but also the turn the plot took!
At first, this book appeared to be a very good thriller. Kate Collins was supposed to move in with the man of her dreams. She'd upped her life from Leeds to Brighton but then the day before she was due to move all connection with her boyfriend ceased. No matter how many times she called or text there was no reply. His apartment when she arrived was gutted. Not a trace that anyone had lived there. I thoroughly enjoyed this, thinking that we were going to find out some heinous crime he'd committed. Then it took a turn. It went far more into the supernatural realm which I'm not going to fully explain as it's the kind of twist you really need to read.

Whilst all this amateur investigating into the disappearance of her boyfriend is going on we also learn a lot about Kate and her addiction to her mobile phone. More specifically how she managed to become addicted to the ability social media gave her of tracking her ex's movement. It really displays how reliant we are on our mobiles to substitute human interaction and also how we splash our lives over the internet without a thought in the world. Then Scott to had an addiction, one he hid very well. That again I don't want to spoil because it came as a complete shock to me. I liked how both of these weren't addictions that first came to mind when you heard the word. It made for really interesting character arcs.

What I loved is that this book constantly surprised me. I flew through most of it in an evening because I needed to know more. I thought I had the ending pegged from the beginning but then as more information was divulged I had more and more questions. Yet at the same time all the reveals made me go 'oh that makes so much sense', the exact same thing that Kate thought.

I'm really getting into these thrillers! Who'd of thought?!


Name: Ghoster*

Author: Jason Arnopp

Publisher: Orbit

Pages: 496

ISBN: 978-0316362283

Rating: 4/5

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