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Frat Girl by Kiley Roache

June 25, 2018

I adored this book. Everything about it was fantastic. It explored, in a rather hilarious way, the attitudes we are forced fed and often accept. Even if most of the time we don't realise that we're doing it.

As a character Cassie was the epitome of this. Her attempt to show that Fraternities merely engaged in the already established popular opinion of women and minorities, whilst noble in it's intentions, garnered a lot of negative opinions. It reflected perfectly the bad reputation feminism receives, which most of the time, is unfounded. Not saying that there aren't awful people who use feminism as a metaphorical stick with which to beat men but that the good that feminism does is overshadowed by this. As they say, you can't pick your family... and you can't pick who utilities feminism and how.

I loved so many aspects of this novel but in particular how it showed hope. That development is possible for everyone. By far one of my favourite moments was Duncan admitting that he's never been on a date. It felt like the pivotal moment of the book where Cassie saw that her Frat brothers were more than that, they were people with real issues and at worst, most of them were just misguided in their views.

This book took me a day to read fully, I started it read a few pages about a week ago and finally sat down to read it. Then before I knew it I'd finished the damn thing. The plot moved so quickly, it was simply social politics and it was phenomenal. It had me in hysterics, when I really needed it. The Sex Ed class, the lingerie. If you've read it then please please chat with me about it.

Feminism isn't a nasty word. It's how its used.

Everyone needs to read this book.


Name: Frat Girl

Author(s): Kiley Roache

Publisher: HQ

Pages: 438

ISBN: 978-1-848-45665-5

Rating: 5/5

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