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December 7, 2018

I can't explain how proud I am on Fi for setting herself a goal of becoming a business woman and not just making it happen, but absolutely smashing her goal! If you follow my Instagram or Twitter you may have seen a few months back I was regularly tweeting about a Kickstarter for some bookish pins. She didn't just meet her goal... she doubled it and then some! Going so far as to reach enough to add another design into the mix and some prints.

I love bookish pins, supporting small businesses and seeing my friends doing what they love.

From the pins, to the prints and even the cards that the pins are on Fi has been absolutely meticulous and has produced such beautiful quality items. Her shop is now open and is open until 10mp GMT on the 11th December.

My wonderful readers,  I present to you, Felfira Moon Designs.

First we have the Wayfarers set. Based on one of Fi's favourite series...which I have still yet to read. I'm sorry I know. This set features three pins corresponding to the three novels in the series. A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, A Closed and Common Orbit and Record of a Spaceborn Few. The print for this set is equally as beautiful. The colour is so nice and fits with the tone of the book covers so well. And of course, the quote is so cute...

From the close up you can see the detail on the pins slightly better. Each has an adorable little rocket and the colour palette of each pin matches the books brilliantly. I love that the pins aren't perfect circles, that the stars and rockets are almost shooting off the edge. I'm definitely going to have to read this series now. And soon!

The Illuminae duo, a series I will forever thank Fi and Kimi for getting me to read. This is now one of my favourite series so I can't wait to hang the print and wear the pins...or store them as I'm petrified of them falling off my jackets... The print for this set comes from Obsidio, the final book in the trilogy, which I think is my favourite out of the three books. Again, Fi chose the perfect quote for this. I'd love this design on a cushion cover...

The pins in this set are based on the two ships primarily focused on in the series. The Hypatia was the science vessel in the series and Fi's pin is a gorgeous spin on the logo of the ship. I love it. Then the Alexander was the site of possibly one of the most horrifying battle scenes I think I've ever read. Not that you'd know from the gorgeous pin. Again, the dynamic shape is great and I reckon these pins would be so great for a cosplay! Who wouldn't want to be Hannah or Kady for a day? Killer AI and nasty viruses aside...

I know I know I still haven't read this series but I know I'm going to love it. These two pins *might* be my favourite....but I mean I love all of them. I don't really have much clue of their significance yet, but I'm sure I will do soon! The quote for this set comes from Siege and Storm and its one of my favourite quotes. I have a pennant with this on that Fairyloot sent too! The colour of this print makes my heart happy, I adore purple.

After a rather dangerous google search I found out what a sun summoner and shadow summoner is. I tried very hard to avoid spoilers and I think I managed. Knowing the relationship between the two Grisha makes me love these pins even more. They're design opposites in both the colour palette and the design of the circle. Things like this make my nerdy little heart squee.

This set of pins Fi introduced towards the end of the Kickstater when the goal had just about been met as an added incentive to pledge. My god I'm glad she did. Six of Crows is another of Leigh Bardugos' series and one I've actually read! AND WILL LOVE FOREVER. In my opinion these are the best Six of Crows themed pins....and there is a lot of them out there. Ketterdam is the setting of the novel, a dark and gritty place. Then No Mourners, No Funerals is the mantra of the The Dregs, the loveable criminals in Six of Crows. I think these will have to go on my great big Kaz-esque peacoat. Now all I need is a cane!

Again I can't tell you how excited I am for Fi and I can't wait to see her business grow.

Fi has also been a gem and provided some shipping codes which are:  FREESHIP20 on orders over £20 for free UK 2nd & INT standard & Code FREESHIP35 on orders over £35 for free UK 1st & INT tracked and both are running until the shop shuts on the 11th December for the holidays. Fret not! Felfira Moon Designs will return in the new year with some very magical plans...

Fi's shop here.

Fi's Instagram here.


Have you read any of these series?

What did you think?

Are you a fan of bookish pins?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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