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Felfira Moon Designs #2

May 10, 2019

Fi has done it again! I backed another Kickstarter for my friend Fi and the pins and stickers have just arrived. I'll always be amazed at what she creates. Every design has so much thought put into it, she releases variants and extra incentives with every order. It's incredible. As soon as I saw her designs for this run I knew I needed them. Now I just need a case for my laptop to stick the stickers on...

This run of pins and stickers are inspired by the Illuminae trilogy by Amie Kauffman and Jay Kristoff (one of my favourite series).

You can find her store here.

Firstly, this rose themed pin. I adore the quote on it - "And like roses in his hands, death blooms". I can't quite remember whether this was said by AIDAN or in relation to him. Regardless, it's adorable. I got the black variants but there was a red rose version of this pin too which is just as stunning.

Next up - "Am I Not Merciful?". I know this was definitely said by AIDAN or rather typed. The binary around I love, it looks exactly like it did in the book. It's so cool.

Finally, we have coloured stickers of both of those pins. Like I said I'm going to be sticking these onto a laptop case. I've ended up with quite the collection of bookish themed stickers! These ones are such lovely quality too.

Have you read this series?

What did you think?

Are you a fan of bookish pins and stickers?

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Katie x

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