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February Fairyloot

I adore fairytales so I knew I was going to love this box. Honestly, Fairyloot can do no wrong. I love every theme they come up with and everything they put into their boxes even if I haven't read the book it represents...yet. This months theme was Twisted Tales and I think this might be my favourite box so far. 

I have to hold my hands up here. I had no clue what the book was going to be for this month but now it makes perfect sense. I had already been sent a paperback copy of The Hazel Wood by Penguin, so thank-you very much Penguin. That I have since passed on to a friend. I'm in the midst of an organisation spree with my that I mean trying to figure out what I own and condense it so I really didn't need another copy of this... The Hazel Wood follows Alice, the granddaughter of an author who created a book of dark fairytales. Alice and her mother travel around with bad luck nipping at their heels with every step but when Alice's grandmother passes away they have to temporarily put down roots and sort the estate. Chaos ensues. 

Oh my gosh I adore this mug. The incredible design is by Aunjuli Art and I want everything she makes... This mug features a few different settings from the Grimm's Fairytales. I'm afraid to use it though! I don't want to get tea stains in the bottom of it! It's gonna look so cute in pictures though.

Another candle? Yes please! I've never tried any of the Wick and Fable candles...because once again shipping.. That's something I love about Fairyloot, I get to try companies I wouldn't order from normally. This particular candle is named The Hinterland and smells of Oakmoss and Tea Leaves. It reminds me of mens cologne...

Then we have the Exclusive 'Poison Apple' bath salts by Little Heart with art from Till and Dill. I haven't used these yet but I think I might treat myself on Sunday night after a long day at work. I'll report back on how they smell!

I cannot wait to wear these. They look so cute and are incredibly soft. These socks are exclusive to Fairyloot and are inspired by the Witch and Gingerbread House from Hansel and Gretel. So squishy....

I've always lusted after the Ink and Wonder designs but couldn't justify the shipping once again. I'm thrilled with this woodmark. It's absolutely stunning, I can't wait to take photos of this!


So that was my February Fairyloot Unboxing! 

Have you tried any bookish subscription boxes before?

What did you think? And what was your favourite item from this box?

Thank-you for reading, 

Katie x 


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