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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

December 10, 2018

I didn't anticipate enjoying this. I'd made my peace with the fact I have disliked the vast majority of the books I've had to read for my courses this semester. Then this one appears...and I loved it. It was such a quick read, which none of the others had been. I missed not being able to read it when I was at work or in a lecture.

However, this was terrifying. The entire novels revolves around the fact that books are now illegal, to own one is a crime against the state and firemen starts fires to burn books rather than put them out. It wasn't the government that imposed this ban on books, it was the people. The general public that decided this. Which, to me, a booklover is horrifying.

We follow a fireman named Guy Montag who seems to have a secret at the beginning of the novel and watch his progression...or perhaps regression would be a better word for it. He was such an interesting character and a great perspective to read from. It was easy to sympathise with his situation. How stuck he was.

For such a short novel, being only 200 ish pages there was certainly am awful lot of content. It's difficult to believe Bradbury wrote it in only 9 days! It takes me long to compose a tweet half the time.

I'm so glad I read this and I had it on my 8 Sci-Fo to read in 2018 but wasn't sure I was going to manage to get to it.

I can't actually believe how I flew through this.


Name: Fahrenheit 451

Author: Ray Bradbury

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Pages: 227

ISBN:  978-0-00-654606-1

Rating: 4/5

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