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False Hearts by Laura Lam

September 11, 2017

Taema and Tila are conjoined twins, they were born in the Hearth, an isolated cult on the outskirts of San Fransisco that banned modern medicine and technology. The twins shared everything including a heart, a heart that wasn't strong enough to support both of them. Their only hope of survival was to escape and get the surgery they so desperately needed. Now, assimilated into modern society Taema is waiting for Tila to join her for dinner but she arrives at her house covered in someone else's  blood. Tila is arrested for murder, the first committed by a civilian in decades. 

This is where the novel starts and immediately we're thrust into this dystopian/sci-fi version of San Fransisco with very little information. Similarly to most dystopian/sci-fi there is a lot of strange slang used for items in this world. It's easy enough to figure out the purpose of them but initially it was somewhat confusing and the reason for them is never explained. 

In this new world every person is fitted with a VeriChip which acts like passport and bankcard all in one, everyone has ocular and auditory implants (think permanent google glasses and headphones) and flesh parlours offer the most cutting edge plastic surgery that everyone appears young and their faces unnaturally symmetrical.

The main crux of the story I enjoyed. I liked learning about how Zeal is used as a way to relieve stress and live out dreams. I loved that the crime syndicate were attempting to replace Zeal with a version that gave them the ability to manipulate people. In fact I really liked all the elements that this story had but for some reason I was left wanting a little bit more. The story seemed to wrap up in the last 60 pages when the build up took around 300 and how it wrapped up seemed really convenient. 

I really loved how Tila gave us the back story of the twins and Taema was the protagonist in the present. That being said as much as I liked them as characters I felt like we didn't really see much development to them throughout the novel. 

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book but I just felt like it fell a little flat for me. I gave it 3/5 for the concept and also the creation that went into the world. If we'd seen more sides to the twins then it definitely would've had a higher rating. 


Name: False Hearts

Author: Laura Lam

Publisher: Macmillan

Pages: 366

ISBN: 978-1-4472-8644-8

Rating: 3/5

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