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Ezra & Gil

November 1, 2018

Slowly I'm eating my way around the Northern Quarter of Manchester, often with the assistance and expertise of my friends. This day I'd arranged to meet Fi, an ex-bookseller friend, blogger, Youtuber and of late pin designer extraordinaire, for lunch. Neither of us are good at making desicions which usually means we end up eating Sushi at either Yo Sushi or Wasabi. This day Fi suggested we try Ezra & Gil, a spacious cafe hidden away on a corner of Hilton Street.

It's so incredibly pretty with plenty of places to charge all the electronic items. We ended up sat by the window on some super high stools able to people watch away. You nip up to the till to order whatever you want and are handed a huge wooden number. There's all sorts of coffees, teas and juices for any occasion. Oh and some kind of snazzy coke!


I'm not sure how I feel about coffee cups without handles. I'm perpetually afraid of dropping them. However, the actual coffee was lovely. I'm starting to turn into a bit of a coffee snob...oh dear. This can only end in disaster and lots of money spent... Random but I loved the plate wear here. It's so pretty.

I went for, of course, poached eggs on toasted sourdough with a side of smoked salmon. The garnish was immediately moved to the side, as per my dislike of green and healthy food but my god the rest was amazing. I'm going to be having dreams about that sourdough! I think there was a little bit of olive oil drizzled over it too. And the salmon, I adore fish so much. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it'd probably be some kind of variation of this. It just makes me so happy and it feels like the right amount too. I always feel nicely full after this kind of lunch.


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