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Eyes From Day to Night

January 4, 2018

I love everything that Charlotte Tilbury releases. Pillow Talk lip liner has been a long time favourite and my current one is now a shameful little nub of a pencil. When I saw the first images of the Instant Eye Palette I knew I needed to give it a go. It's set out with four looks named Day, Desk, Date and Disco eye which I think is a really clever idea. For someone who hasn't really played with shadow before it makes the entire process incredibly easy and for those that have it takes the 'what on earth do I do today' out of the question in the morning when it comes to eye make-up. Honestly though, I ignore that and just tend to go with whichever shade takes my fancy that day. My favourite being the 'Enhance' from the Date eye. 

I must admit I wish the mattes were more pigmented. The metallic shimmers are stunning but some of the other colours when swatching come off really quite sheer and look similarly on the eyes. It does mean that going overboard is difficult which again, for some can be useful but after a while I just gave up and grabbed Cocoa Bear from Make Up Geek and threw that in the crease instead. Considering the price of this as well I expected a little more pigment. However, when they are built up and applied the shadows are incredible long lasting. I am not one to suffer with eyeshadow moving, ever really but I always use a base. This is a lovely palette and makes a great gift but you may find that you have to pull from others to complete a look. 

Have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading, 

Katie x 

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