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Every Mountain Made Low by Alex White

September 27, 2017

This book was not for me. It took me an absolute age to read. The plot was utterly insane and I didn't particularly like any of the characters. I still, to this day can't explain the plot nor the motivations behind it. There were an awful lot of elements to this novel, it was dystopian in the construction of the setting, yet it was meant to be set during the 1980's, the main character had social anxiety and autism but could also see ghosts. Loxley, the aforementioned main character, saw the spirits of those that hadn't yet passed on. They flocked to her like moths to a flame, their touch causing her immeasurable pain but giving her the ability to relive their final day. 

Whilst I think having representation in novels is fantastic, I can't comment on how accurately represented autism and social anxiety is. Loxley certainly seems to have an extreme case of both with loud noises terrifying her, crowds rendering her near motionless and the inability to notice social cues. 

If you're thinking this is going to a be light hearted read it isn't. It's incredibly dark and deals with some incredibly sensitive topics. I have to commend the author from not shying away from them but again I can't comment on how they were depicted. 

I'd definitely suggest reading with caution. This novel has a lot of death, violence and sexual assault content. All of which are pretty graphic. 

This was definitely wasn't for me but that's not to say you wouldn't enjoy it! If you can puzzle out the plot please let me know. 


Name: Every Mountain Made Low

Author(s): Alex White

Publisher: Solaris

Pages: 348

ISBN: 978-1-78108-465-6

Rating: 2.5/5

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