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Egg On Your Face

January 7, 2020
Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School
Too Cool For School

Firstly, I know it sounds like a bizarre concept, voluntarily putting an egg on your face. But it's actually quite a nice experience. 

I've seen the Too Cool For School products before but never taken the plunge to purchase any. Recently, I've gotten into Korean skincare and spotted them in my local TK Maxx. Couldn't resist. I'm super happy I found them in there. The packaging alone is adorable and I love how they look in my cabinet. But the actual products are lovely too. They're both very gentle with little fragrance. 

The moisturiser is literally the colour of a cooked egg yolk which makes me giggle. They certainly stuck to the branding. It's a fairly thick cream but absorbs so quickly without feeling greasy. No one wants that. My skin always feels plump after I've used it and brighter. 

The toner looks like uncooked egg white, honestly, I don't know if this was planned or not but I love it. I hold my hands up, I haven't the foggiest what a toner is supposed to do but I love how this feels. After cleansing applying this is like a little facial in and of itself. It's cool and calming and just a step I enjoy. 

I'd quite like to try more from the Too Cool For School range. Their packaging is definitely a big part of it... 

Have you tried anything from Too Cool For School?

What did you think?

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Katie x

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