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December Book and Nook

January 23, 2018

I'm obsessed with Book and Nook. It's reached the point where I'm running out of space on my bookcase because I don't want to burn their candles. I just want to display them! This months theme was Christmas At Hogwarts...I think I started squealing when I found that out. I have a veritable shrine in my room. It's glorious, though I know some would say mad. 

First in the box was this beautiful Harry Potter pendant. I switched the ribbon for a chain as that's more my style but I love this. It looks so pretty with a jumper, which is currently my uniform. I'm permanently cold, especially at work. We have no doors and are right at the front of our complex. 

I'm gonna start with my favourite again. Hogsmead. This to me smells like some kind of gummy sweet but I can't place which one! The notes are Midnight Pomegranate, Cinnamon and Apple. I absolutely adore this. I think the colour is perfect too, it reminds me of Butterbeer. 

Next up we have Hagrid's Christmas Tree. This is exactly what I image the inside of Hagrid's hut would smell like over christmas, a little sweet but mainly earthy. The notes are Pine, Grapefruit and Cedarwood. I love anything with Grapefruit in it. Then we have Wizard Crackers which I think is my second favourite. I can't even describe what kind of scent this is, all I know is I love it. This one smells of Blackcurrant, Vanilla and Hazelnut. 

I have no clue what Pomelo is but I love how it smells. When I saw the name Yule Ball my heart swelled. I adore Goblet of Fire. This particular candle smells of the aforementioned Pomelo and Pink Champagne. It's quite a tart, almost grapefruit smell so of course both I and my mother love it. Then finally we have Enchanted Snow and bizarrely this smells like a clean man. The notes are Snow, Frost Berry and Bergamot. It smells like mens skincare, don't get me wrong it's lovely! 

That's it for the December Book and Nook box. I absolutely loved this box. I'm so excited for this years boxes!

Have you tried any bookish boxes or candles?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading, 

Katie x 

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