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Dear Martin by Nic Stone

November 16, 2020
Dear Martin by Nic Stone

There are books that you read, enjoy and forget about after a while. They aren't bad books. You probably loved them whilst you were reading them.

Then there are books like Dear Martin. You read you adore and you never forget. It can be months since you read them and suddenly you're thinking about the characters, what they'd be doing now, what happened in the book. Dear Martin is a book that sticks with you because of its unapologetic look into American race relations, bold characters and stunning writing.

At the beginning of the book, Justyce is wrongfully arrested when a police officer sees him trying to help his drunk ex-girlfriend and gets the wrong end of the stick in the situation. He begins to notice the differences in how he gets treated and picks up on microaggressions more and more. He starts to call people out for it. His growing confidence throughout the book was a joy to watch. To stand up for himself and everyone who has ever been at the receiving end of any race-related aggression.

Every facet of this book was magnificent. The characters so well constructed and well rounded. They're the kind of people you'd recognise in others. The conflict they have with each other, particularly the guys Justyce hangs out with in high school. Speaking of Justyce I adored him. His family, his real friends like SJ. Their interactions were some of my favourites. It was the moment when he walked into their house and saw that her family was genuinely upset and annoyed about the treatment he received. Truly lovely.

I've always enjoyed novels in letter/diary form. It feels as though you get a real window into the character's mind as they're virtually writing to the reader.

Of course, the plot was astounding and heartbreaking because it mirrors the news stories that are still coming out of America. It's one that really does leave you without words to express the feelings you had.

A stunning book, a must-read for everyone from high school to adult. In fact, this should be taught at schools.


Name: Dear Martin

Author(s): Nic Stone

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Pages: 208

ISBN: 978-1-4711-7556-5

Rating: 5/5

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