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Colour Pop X My Little Pony

March 16, 2018

This definitely isn't a palette I ever thought I would own, but I saw the ponies and I couldn't help myself. I mean just look at how cute it is! Admittedly, I don't reach for this that much, however when I need a bright pink I know I have it. One of my new years goals was to use more colour in my looks, to stray away from my neutral comfort zone. The quality from palette to palette with Colour Pop doesn't seem to change at all, every single one I have tried has been so creamy and blendable. I'm definitely going to have to pick some more of these up. 

This definitely isn't the most practical palette for me. I don't use it often but am I happy I got it? Definitely. There are some days where I just think I want something a little different. The icy blue duo chrome shade makes an incredible inner corner highlight and I need to do something with that deep blue. It's absolutely stunning. And just looking at it makes me happy. 

Have you tried the Colour Pop x My Little Pony Palette?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading, 

Katie x 

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