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Children of the Whales Volume Two

August 12, 2020
Children of the Whales Volume Two

I enjoyed this volume decidedly more than the first and I really liked that one, to begin with. There was a great deal more worldbuilding, and it didn't come from Chakuro's journals this time. Whilst I find that such a clever way of worldbuilding it's nice that we're seeing more of the author's ability to weave information in throughout the story too.

It's difficult to review manga without spoiling the volumes because there are so many twists, turns and reveals in each volume. I hadn't anticipated there to be such a turn within this volume. We find out of the origin of the people of the Mud Whale and also why they're attacked. It makes for a great jumping-off point for the series, I'm intrigued to see how it's going to impact the series later on.

The addition of an outsider into the world of the Mud Whale is a brilliant device. Lykos questions why people do things, marvels at their customs and acts as a gateway to the wider world for them. Whilst I'm invested in her background and obviously Chakuro's, the character I find the most interesting is Ouni. I think there's something more to him. We learnt a lot more of Lykos' story this time, where she came from and her people and even about her brother. I hope we get some flashbacks in future volumes.

I'm definitely invested in this series. Excited to work my way through the volumes already available.


Name: Children of the Whales Volume Two

Author(s): Abi Umeda

Publisher: Viz Media

Pages: 192

ISBN: 978-1-4215-9722-5

Rating: 5/5

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