Books Non-Fiction Reviews

How to Be a Grown Up* by Daisy Buchanan

September 17, 2018

Everyone needs to read this book. It is quite simply fabulous. Daisy reminisces on her trials and tribulations from her early twenties and what she's now realised as she's entered her thirties. Now, though I'm twenty-one...nearly twenty-two, I still found myself nodding along to paragraphs in this. It got to a point regarding iPhones where I was howling with laughter, couldn't catch my breath and proceeded to send…

Books Non-Fiction Reviews

Red Dust Road by Jackie Kay

December 18, 2017

I was genuinely shocked by how much I enjoyed this. Another one we were required to read for our course but I found myself stuck between wanting to finish this as soon as possible and wanting to savour it. When I'm in that dilemma I know I truly love a book.  This is an autobiography following the life of Jackie Kay (who is actually the Chancellor of my…