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Seraph of the End Volume Eleven

July 21, 2019

I'm continuously baffled by how much story and action is packed into these super short little manga volumes. Seraph of the End remains one of my favourite and the most surprising series I've ever read. I binge-read a few volumes before I came on holiday and as per usual I loved them. This is an ongoing series so this review is likely to contain spoilers for the previous…

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The Case Study of Vanitas Volume Two

February 2, 2019

Like the first volume, I read the second volume of The Case Study of Vanitas in one sitting. It's such a moreish series. The series continues to provide such excitement in the form of fights, spells and never quite getting to the bottom of what is happening. The same can be said about the characters, and some new were introduced in this volume that I hope to see…

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Tokyo Ghoul Volume Twelve

September 3, 2018

Yet another incredible instalment of my favourite series. I can't understand how each volume seems to improve, when the previous one was simply amazing. I must admit I don't know how Tokyo Ghoul:re will compare...though I'll find out soon. The ending of this volume had me gasping on the train, it's absolutely mad. But brilliant. We're starting to get a lot more back story on some of the…

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Tokyo Ghoul Volume Eleven

August 30, 2018

This series has been a firm favourite of mine for years now. With every volume the story gets darker, the characters get more complex and there are twists I could never have predicted. Especially, when considering where this series started out. One of my favourite aspects, that seemed to be focused on heavily in this volume is the question of who is the real monster here. Yes this…

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The Case Study of Vanitas Volume One

January 22, 2018

Oh my god I loved this. I read The Case Study of Vanitas in one sitting. I need the rest now.  This volume opened with such a bang, there was so much action and so much going on. It reminded me of Blue Exorcist and also Seraph of the End (both of which are some of my favourite series) in terms of how the series started. Similarly, it…