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July 4, 2019

Hufflepuff is the next topic in my series of recommending books for Hogwarts Houses. These titles either have characters I believe a Hufflepuff would identify with or a topic that would perhaps appeal to them.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Wonderfully weird and arguably without a discernable plot I feel this would be a book Hufflepuff's love for its uniqueness and quirks. Alice is most definitely a Hufflepuff. She is loyal to those that look after her, protects others and enjoys a good dance around a tea table. It's just a comforting book.

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You can find the Goodreads page here.


Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia

There's an emphasis on creation and the emotions put into creation in Eliza and Her Monsters. I adored this book. Eliza suffers from anxiety but comes alive when creating her online webcomic. I suggest that anyone and everyone read this but I imagine a Hufflepuff would particularly enjoy this one.

I have a review here.

You can find the Goodreads page here.

Emma by Jane Austen

Emma is a chick-lit novel of its time. Relentlessly meddling in the love lives of her friends Emma believes she knows best but that isn't always the case. I adored this book and found it such a charming story. I'd rather read Classics like this than the 'fluff' of today.

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You can find the Goodreads page here.


Bride’s Story by Kaoru Mori

A manga for a change. A Bride's Story follows Amir as she travels to marry Karluk, who is eight years her junior. It's considered a historical romance and is just so sweet. It's incredible rustic and such a unique setting. I've never read anything, novel or manga set in this era in this place. It is just so sweet and to watch the budding friendships is so rewarding.

You can find the Goodreads page here.


If there was one book I'd describe as giving you a hug it's this. Lumberjanes is the most adorable and feel good series I've ever read. It deals with difficult topics with sensitivity whilst remaining fun and light. A very difficult balance. The emphasis is placed on friendships and the power that they have. The setting is perfect and I love the art.

You can find the Goodreads page here.

Those are the novels I would recommend for Hufflepuffs.

What would you suggest?

Thank you for reading,

Katie x

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