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Blackberry and Bay

May 7, 2018

The love affair with Jo Malone continues. I don't want to admit the amount of perfumes I now own by them....Around christmas I received a gift card for Selfridges and wasn't entirely sure what I wanted so I popped it in a draw until I had an idea. When I took it out I still had no clue what I wanted but I decided to have a wander round and as always ended up at the Jo Malone counter. But, instead of a perfume I walked away with a body cream instead.

Now, I love the Jo Malone ethos. Their scents are designed in a way that you can mix them together. Well, certain ones anyway. I'd had a mini sample of the Blackberry and Bay perfume before and knew I really loved the scent and so decided to go with that one. It's very fresh with a slight floral note, perfect for spring and summer. If I'm remembering correctly I was told that this pairs really well with Wood Sage and Sea Salt which was the first fragrance I went with!

But this body cream. Oh my god. It's so thick. You hardly need any and you're completely covered. For such a thick and nourishing cream is sinks in so quickly, which is something I need. I can't stand being sticky. Which is also why I detest fake fan... This tub is going to last forever and I'm so happy about that. Highly recommend.

Have you tried anything from Jo Malone?

What did you think?

Thank-you for reading,

Katie x

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