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Bird and Blend Tea

March 18, 2020
Bird and Blend Tea
Bird and Blend Tea

I've been asking myself how on earth I managed to wander around Manchester so frequently and miss the Bird and Blend Tea shop?! 

It's a nirvana for tea lovers. They have this back wall with metal containers filled with tea, like the old sweet shoppes that had the jars lined up behind the counter. There's every kind of tea you can think from rooibos to white and within that every kind of flavour. It's the sort of place you could spend time and not realise how long has passed. 

There are samples out to try and even a little seating area to have a drink in-store. The staff are all lovely and so knowledgable. 

I couldn't help myself. I had to try some. 

P.S they have a website too - here

Bird and Blend Tea

My brain couldn't understand why my tea tasted like hot chocolate but I loved it. This tea is sweet, warming and due to the gold flecks in it super sparkly. I got a slight marzipan hint to it as well. If I remember rightly this was a limited run for Christmas and sadly I can't find it on the website now. It's gorgeous though and I really hope they bring it back this year. its ingredients are Sri Lankan black tea, cocoa nibs, caramelised hazelnut and cocoa shells.


Bird and Blend Tea

I'm obsessed with this tea. I tried it and made my dad try it too. It literally tastes like the old school rhubarb and custard boiled sweets, which are one of my favourites. It's so fruity and sweet with a creamy base. I could honestly drink this all day...I might well actually drink this all day. Its ingredients are Rooibos, rhubarb pieces and calendula.

Link to find here.

Have you tried anything from Bird and Blend?

What did you think?

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