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Angel Fever by L A Weatherly

July 8, 2020
Angel Fever by L A Weatherly

I'll be honest it's been a while since I've read this, however, even if I had reviewed this book closer to when I read it I still think I'd struggle a little to give you my full thoughts. Whilst I enjoyed the series immensely, it was so fun and lighthearted, I never felt the 'stakes' in this book. The danger always seemed false. Throughout the series, everything has always worked out despite the looming end of the world at the hands of these Angels. After two books of this, I got bored. This was more of the same.

Obviously this is the third book in a series so warning for spoilers starts here.

Considering Alex was presumed dead and his POV eliminated for most of this book I still didn't feel all that concerned. I have a rule when it comes to books, films, everything pop culture - if we don't see a body then they're not dead. I'm yet to be proven wrong. Whilst I didn't want Alex to die and wanted a happy ending for him and Willow, I never believed that either of them or Seb was in danger. It was always the side characters that ended up dying to fulfil their role as emotional cannon fodder. Sam's death did get me though.

I felt it was a good finale to the series, the loose ends were tied up and I enjoyed how Jonah appeared at the end bringing the books full circle. But still, I was never worried.

A fun series and very of the time.


Name: Angel Fever

Author: L.A. Weatherly

Publisher: Usborne

Pages: 566

ISBN: 9781409522393

Rating: 3.5/5

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