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Anastasia Sultry Palette

November 16, 2018

Another addition to the ever growing Anastasia collection. It seems to be a new palette every week almost but they certainly don't scrimp on quality. I mean just look at those metallics. These are perhaps the best metallics out of all the Anastasia palettes I own, and possibly some of the best mattes. However, I did have an issue getting a decent swatch out of the shade Dystopian.

This palette is absolutely perfect for the Christmas party season. It has the perfect ratio of matte to shimmer and also enough variation in the shades to make it a palette you could take on a weekend away if you were off on a trip for the holidays. Finally someone put a black back in a palette. I can't fathom why more companies don't do it. It's an essential.

A moment must be taken for this stunning packaging too. I'm quite glad they took a departure from the velvet boxes. Mine have started to get rather worn...or well loved if you prefer.

I can't wait to wear this out.

This is a stunning palette and would make a wonderful Christmas gift.

Have you tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills Sultry Palette?

What did you think?

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