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Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

May 4, 2018

Considering I started the year with the intention to read more classics  I thought I'd better make a start on the promise. Even if it was only to myself. I'd been wanting to read Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass for a while. I very nearly did a piece of coursework on it...many many dark days ago. Ah college, how I hated thee.

Anyway, I'd always loved the film adaptations, particularly Disney and Tim Burton's. I already knew some of the story but the book had so much more material. There's loads that the films didn't include or changed in some way. I prefer the book so much more. If I ever got the chance I'd love to look at it from an academic viewpoint, there opportunities to analyse are limitless.

Throughout both stories there are plenty of illustrations which add to the story and help visualise it. I adore the songs and rhymes scattered about too. Once again they add to the story and really flesh out the nonsensical world. Each character despite often getting limited page time...and making no sense they're incredibly well formed and they stick with you.

I absolutely adored this story.

Thank-you past me for making a rather scary promise.


Name: Alice 's Adventures in Wonderland

Author(s): Lewis Carroll

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 244

ISBN: 978-0-141-19968-9

Rating: 5/5

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