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Alex + Ada Volume Two

April 29, 2019
Alex + Ada Volume Two

I read Alex + Ada Volume Two as part of my OWLs Readathon TBR. This book fulfilled the Divination exam, to read a book set in the future. Admittedly, with this being a sequel it's difficult not to spoil it.

I definitely preferred this volume to the first. I felt that there were more content and more overall story progression. I find it hard to believe this is a completed story with only three volumes. It's one I feel like would do better over more volumes, you could get more out of the characters. Honestly, I just want more of this world and this series. AI is a topic I find incredibly interesting and one that seems to be getting more and more prevalent as our tech advances.

This series brings up questions of at what point does sentience make somebody human? Are they dangerous? That's the real draw of this series for me. I just wish the characters were a little more developed. Otherwise a great read. It's a very well formed world and you never find yourself confused. I often find that with sci-fi that too much tech is added and as daft as it sounds it's too far fetched. Not with Alex + Ada, it's simply as though what we have now like phones etc has advanced exponentially making it a plasuible world.

A good little series and a good introduction into comics.


Name: Alex + Ada Volume Two

Author: Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn

Publisher: Image Comics

Pages: 128

ISBN:  978-1-63215-195-7

Rating: 4/5

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